Ford Claims “All-In” on EVs, but Continues to Lobby Against Clean Car Standards

For Immediate Release:
Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Ford Claims “All-In” on EVs, but Continues to Lobby Against Clean Car Standards

Ford Motor Company’s recent announcement about electric vehicle development highlights a significant hypocrisy: The company is working behind the scenes with the Trump administration to weaken fuel economy standards, known as clean car standards.

Ford last weekend said it plans to spend $11 billion on electric vehicles and roll out 40 electric and hybrid vehicle models by 2022. However, the auto giant continues to lobby to weaken the clean car standards, which cut emissions, save consumers money, and protect our health. The company has not indicated how many EVs or hybrids it will produce.

“After a year of the worst climate change-fueled extreme weather we’ve ever seen, it’s clear that we need to hit the brakes on global warming pollution, and one of our best programs to cut emissions are the clean car standards,” said Jennie Olson, Campaign Associate with Environment America. “If Ford is serious about committing to a clean, electric, zero-emission future, it needs to step up and publicly support the clean car standards.”

Transportation has become the largest source of global warming pollution in the U.S., and the forward-thinking clean car standards, when fully phased in, will cut carbon pollution nationwide by 6 billion metric tons. The standards curb pollution, improve health, and save consumers money at the pump. However, Ford and other auto companies have been lobbying the Trump administration and Congress to roll them back.

“Why should we believe Ford’s promise to make EVs when it promised to comply with the clean car standards it is now attacking with President Trump?” asked Dan Becker, Director of the Safe Climate Campaign. “Ford won’t even say how many how many EVs and hybrids it will make – last year Ford only sold 1,817 EVs.

“Ford is attempting to rebrand itself as the company building smarter cities of the future. Let’s not get distracted from what’s really going on: Ford wants to continue to sell gas-guzzling, polluting trucks for as long as it can,” said Natalie Nava, Project Leader at Greenpeace USA. “This cheating allegation highlights the fact that Ford is comfortable maximizing their profits no matter what the cost to our climate and our air quality.”

“Despite Ford’s announcement, there’s no disguising its backward push to stymie innovation and bring consumers pollution-belching, pocketbook-draining guzzlers,” said Madeline Page, campaign coordinator with Public Citizen, “Feel-good announcements mean nothing when Ford simultaneously is participating in efforts by the Automobile Alliance to undo the clean car standards.”

“Despite its claims, Ford’s announcement of investing in electric vehicles is nothing more than greenwashing,” said Sierra Club Deputy Legislative Director, Andrew Linhardt.  “Behind closed doors, the auto company has been working with Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt to roll back the cleaner car standards that keep our communities safe and healthy and save consumers money at the pump. Ford isn’t a green company — it’s the color of the oil it car’s guzzle at the pump.”

The Clean Car Standards are achievable and working, and we need to keep them moving forward, not backwards. Ford must go beyond “talking the talk” with this electric vehicle announcement, they need to “walk the walk” and support the Clean Car Standards.